Why should you take part?

  • Increase visibility of your business: Your project will find reference in our marketing campaigns including mailings, reports, evaluations and press releases and will therefore spread the word about your outstanding performance internationally
  • Boost your project: Foster enthusiasm and prestige of your efforts among your colleagues, employees, management and team members
  • Help a good cause: we.CONECT will select a charity on behalf of the winners and exclusively donate € 1,000 to support their individual projects
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Have you recently worked on a project related to Car HMI features, systems or technologies? Did your project accomplish outstanding results or promises to achieve great outcomes? Then join us for our Car HMi Award ceremony 2018 in Berlin and share your success.

Presented by we.CONECT, the prestigious Car HMi Award exclusively recognises, celebrates and honours exceptional projects in the following three categories:

1. Most Innovative Development Process
• Development process is distinctive or fundamentally different from existing approaches
• Speed with which a new product is developed and delivered to market
• Lower development costs
• Testing & prototyping

2. Most User-Friendly HMI Feature (e.g. How comfortable is the driver and how much is driver distraction reduced?)
• Overall user experience
• Exterior/interior form/function
• Automated driving features

3. Most Innovative HMI Feature (e.g. How innovative is the feature and how does it benefit the driver?)
• Creativity of concept
• Exterior/interior form/function
• Use of current tech/tools available to designers
•  Adaptability/customization

Official Award Ceremony 2018

We are inviting all global industry leaders and pioneers to apply with their HMI concepts and showcase their outstanding achievements. Based on all entries, the jury will nominate 3 HMI projects in each category, which will get the unique chance to be present during the official Award Ceremony & Networking Dinner on June 28, 2018 in Berlin. All winners will not only receive a certificate and an exclusive trophy, but we.CONECT will also donate € 1,000 to a charity of our choice.

Apply now for the Car HMi Award and get recognised for your achievements. Click on the link below, select a category and fill in your project information.

Key Dates

Extended application deadline: closed
Announcement of nominees: mid May, 2018
Award ceremony: Thursday, June 28, 2018

Our Jury 2018

Award Winner 2017

Proud winner of the Car HMi award 2017 in the category ‘Most User-Friendly HMI Feature’ was eyeSight Technologies with their project ‘eyeSight Driver Monitoring’ – a solution that utilises deep learning and AI to monitor the driver’s attention on the road, detecting when the driver is distracted or shows signs of drowsiness. Using eyelid tracking, iris localization and head pose tracking, eyeSight analyses both eye openness and gaze vector in order to report the driver’s drowsiness and inattentiveness to enable precautionary alerts and avoid hazardous situations on the road.

Well-deserved winner in the category ‘Most innovative HMI feature’ was Felix Ros (Eindhoven University of Technology) with his project ‘Between you and your Autonomous Car, there’s Stewart’. Stewart is a tactile interface designed for a fully autonomous car. Its objective is to accommodate a healthy relationship between man and machine, which is achieved by an intuitive and expressive form of interaction.

Winner of the special jury award was SemVox GmbH with their project ‘ODP Workbench’, which is is a task-based, comprehensive, sophisticated, eclipse-based toolchain for the development and deployment of next-generation voice-based HMIs. With the ODP Workbench, developers have all the tools they need to build the most powerful, advanced and versatile voice-based interaction systems in less time and with better results than with any other existing platform, making full use of AI-technologies such as machine learning, reasoning, and profiling in one single application.

Award Winner 2016

Proud winner of the Car HMi Award 2016 in the category ‘Best Collaboration partner for developing HMI technology’ was SoftKinetic. Their DepthSense® Time of Flight (ToF) sensor and human tracking library offers the luxury of gesture control inside the automobile. It was introduced in the BMW Series 7 vehicles in October 2015 and provides accurate hand as well as gesture tracking and robust detection of both static poses and dynamic movement.

The Car HMi Award 2016 in the category ‘Most user-friendly HMI feature’ went to Mercedes Benz for their project ‘Steering Wheel Touch Control for BR213 (E-Class)’. The Touch Control was developed as an innovative input device for the steering wheel. Based on an optical sensor, it detects finger movements on its surface with high resolution and enables a reliable, fast and precise operation while driving. The steering wheel Touch Control had its public world premiere on the CES 2016 and is now available in the new Mercedes-Benz E-class.

The award in the third category ‘Most innovative HMI feature’ went to Volvo Construction Equipment for their project Volvo Co-Pilot, which is a collection of applications that live in a touch screen in the cab, designed to help operators increase quality and speed while working in a safe and user-friendly way. The development of Volvo Co-Pilot is the first step towards an integrated holistic solution for work site optimisation. Volvo Co-Pilot consists of four key applications: Dig Assist, Pave Assist, Compact Assist and Load Assist.

Supporting a good cause is at the very heart of our ambitions. Throughout the years we have carefully researched and selected charities that are close to our heart and deserve special recognition.

Charity Partner 2017: GermanNow!

With more than 1,000 volunteers in Berlin, GermanNOW! ensures that refugees get access to basic German language skills for free, regardless of their country of origin or official status. The lessons are taking place in the emergency shelters inside a former department store in the Karl-Marx-Str and in the hangars of Tempelhof airport, the latter being one of Germany’s largest refugee shelters. The project was established in September 2015 in the gym Jahnsporthalle. GermanNOW! enables an immediate first contact with the German language right after the refugees’ arrival at emergency shelters and focusses on teaching basic, conversational German for refugees’ daily lives in Berlin. Their interaction concept in small groups allows an intensive learning process.

Charity Partner 2016

We have selected Sozialhelden e.V. as our Charity partner for 2016. The initiativ has been founded by two cousins, Jan and Raul. Raul is in a wheelchair himself, they both have South American roots and share a passion for social projects.

They initially started with ‘Germany’s Super Zivi’ searching for the best and most motivated person to voluntarily take part in community services. After a successful project they soon decided to set-up more initiatives. Their aim is to create awareness for social problems and ideally find ways to reduce or even eliminate them. It’s not just about having an idea, but actually going the extra mile with enough patience, strength and perseverance.

Charity Partner 2015

In 2015 the Car HMi Awards presented by we.CONECT supported World Bicycle Relief – and organisation that mobilises people through the power of bicycles and envision a world where distance is no longer a barrier to independence and livelihood.
How they do it:

  • Design, source and manufacture rugged bicycles engineered specifically for rural terrain and load requirements
  • Assemble bicycles locally with proper tools and close attention to quality
  • Deliver bicycles through purchases, work-to-own & study-to-own programs
  • Establish maintenance infrastructure by training local field mechanics
  • Evaluate our work through independent studies
  • Communicate program results to donors and partners

Charity Partner 2014

We selected charity project Muzanga Education initiated by Raise A Smile e.V. as our charity partner in 2014. They support underprivileged children in rural Zambia with mobile education and teaches children how to read, write and hosts workshops on important topics such as HIV/AIDS, malaria and hygiene promotion.

Terms and Conditions

  • All details must be submitted in English
  • The submitted application should be related to an HMi project at your company
  • Only projects that have been implemented or are already in an implementation phase are being considered
  • The implementation of the project must not date back longer than 2 years
  • A company may nominate more than one project for the award
  • The jury will only consider applicants who have completed the award application with all required details and will nominate projects for each category
  • All nominees will be asked to prepare a 2 minute-long video showcasing their project. Style, format and content can be based on individual / corporate design
  • The video will be shown live on stage at the award ceremony on June 28, 2018
  • Besides being used for evaluation-purposes, the information provided by applicants may be published in further channels (website/portal/social media) by we.CONECT
  • By submitting the application, you agree to the terms & conditions of we.CONECT
  • We reserve the right to publish your project under your name and company name respectively. It is therefore advisable to ensure that all submissions are fully approved by your organisation before applying
  • Decisions of the jury are final and may not be disputed. The jury will adhere to our award guidelines
  • Failure to submit an award video (or further project documentation that is required at the event) within the given time frame, may unfortunately result in disqualification
  • All nominees must be present at the award evening or alternatively send a representative
  • No applications for the CAR HMi Awards 2018 will be considered after the deadline as indicated on the website